Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh My)

Stupid reference in the title, particularly since I dislike The Wizard of Oz but it fits with this post. Actually, a better title might be: I FUCKING LOVE ANIMALS! ESPECIALLY BABY ANIMALS!

excited Jonah Hill

Ha. When we were in Kanchanaburi we were having a “cultural” day, checking out the death railway and some wartime stuff. Upon arrival, our guide Alex mentioned there’s a place nearby where you can hold baby leopards. I stopped paying attention to the death railway…

Baby leopards are joy. Pure joy. Said joy can be better expressed through a photo, which you can find at the bottom of the post.

Also in Kanchanaburi (as if leopards weren’t reason enough to visit), there is an elephant reserve where you can ride…well…elephants. We had an elephant convoy, across some grass and into the river to sit (if you could manage…the things were feisty) on the elephants while they sprayed water and rolled about. It was a fun, though grossly dirty, time.

Then there was that time I rode an ostrich in Chiang Rai. There’s not a lot to say about it…it was weird.

Tiger Kingdom. Chiang Mai. The place was sweet…like a dream, really. They had hundreds of tigers and you could pick and choose which tiger you would like to hold, based on size (kind of weird actually, now that I think about it. The poor things arent a Happy Meal). I chose the big, medium and smallest tigers. They were adorbs.

And finally, we have the puppies. SO MANY THAI PUPPIES. Puppies in baskets, puppies in bushes, puppies in hotel lobbies, puppies in tattoo parlours. Puppies on puppies on puppies.

Check it out.

BAM. Animals.


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