Goodbye Myanmar. It’s Been Swell.

All in all I really liked Myanmar but it got to be a bit…quiet…after awhile and I was, without a doubt, ready to leave.

I spent a total of 10 days visiting Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Nuang Shwe/Inle Lake. The days were filled with sight seeing and the nights were mostly filled with…well…nothing (Myanmar is lacking a night life).

Here are some of the more memorable moments/memories/general things I noticed during my visit:

  • That time I covered my face in clay to match the gay Burmese man trying to sell me bracelets
  • Drinking coconuts with Stranger Friends when a massive branch fell from the sky, taking out a sad little family (seriously, wtf?)
  • Having to pull over my bicycle to let a herd of cattle and goats pass on the way to (another) temple sunset
  • The amazing hospitality at the Yoe Yoe Lay Guesthouse in Mandalay. They were always bringing out food, replying with “my pleasure” in their adorable little accents… One day when I was feeling homesick, the owner took me to the movie theatre and had snacks and singing waiting for me when I returned. So. Kind.
  • Going for an stroll on the boardwalk in Yangon only to find out there was no exit and I would have to walk the entire massive lake without sunscreen or water
  • Burmese kids pulling over their bicycles to help me when my scooter was stuck in the sand in Bagan
  • Weird Burmese movies they play on buses that are impossible to follow (one commonality: the “cool” Burmese guy always has anime hair, wears Ray Bans, and listens to Beats by Dre)
  • Seeing how the locals live on a boat trip to Inle Lake. Watching them fish and herd cattle through the water, kids playing and everyone being so friendly, waving as we drove past
  • That time my boredom convinced me to see a puppet show
  • Being the only foreigner on various modes of transportation. Not understanding anything, not knowing when to get off, everyone always staring
  • Seeing hundreds of monks line up for lunch in Mandalay
  • Stumbling across a parade to welcome rain following the hot season complete with adorable prancing babies, women carrying fruit on their heads and men dancing like Snoop Dogg (literally. That’s the best thing I can compare it to).

Goodbye Myanmar. It’s been swell.


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