Rio de Janeiro: Them Views Though

Outside of Carnival season Rio is worth a visit in its own right. Why? Because it’s beautiful. Beautiful people surrounded by beautiful beaches surrounded by beautiful mountains surrounded by all around general beautiful…ness. I was struck.

Them views though.

P.S. Not enough scenic shots for you? Check out this vid for more of my hang gliding action.



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  1. PS Was thinking just yesterday that I haven’t seen a post in some time, lol, read my mind!

  2. Christa!!!!! WOW, OMG that is SO COOL! I can’t believe how lovely it is there. I mean really awesome scenery. I always wanted to visit Christ The Redeemer…just because its big and high up but after seeing the crowds…………
    Did you take any photos while gliding? Jeez woman, you are having one hell of a good time :-)

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