A South American Playlist

Not surprisingly, music is everywhere in South America (the people love to dance). Street corners, restaurants, dive bars…that shit follows you. While each country has its own local favourites  (Samba in Brazil, Cumbia in Argentina, etc.) the “Top 40” of the continent seems to be the same. Listen on for las canciones I hear on repeat:

1. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias

Hands down the song of South America. It is played approx. 135 times per day in every country I’ve been to and I enjoy all 135 x 4 minutes of it.

2. El Taxi – Pitbull feat. OSMANI Garcia & Sensato

Providing me with Save the Last Dance flashbacks circa 2001, you can’t go a night out without hearing this one. The locals love it, I love it…this song is just all around a good time.

3. El Perdón – Nicky Jam Feat. Enrique Iglesias

Another South American club classic, this one is all about the dance floor grind. You’ve gotta admit…it’s catchy.

4. Metralhadora – Banda Vingadora

Potentially the most annoying song on the list, this one is big in Brazil and Argentina. They even have a dance for it where they pretend to shoot machine guns on the dance floor. Welcome to South America.

5. Baile de Favela – MC João

In case you were wondering what a Portuguese rap video looks like. Usually heard blasting from the lowrider of a 20-something Brazilian with a love of heavy bass, this one is a Rio de Janeiro classic. I know you won’t believe me, but it grows on you. Give it time.

6. GInza – J. Balvin

I actually had this song on my iPod from Canada, but it’s definitely more popular in these parts. Reggaeton is huge and this is one of the gooders.

7. Darte un Beso – Prince Royce

Take any free dance class in South America (there’s a lot of them) and you’ll hear this song. Of course my dancing never compares to that of the locals…but, hey, at least I try.

8. Ai se Eu Te Pego – Michel Teló

Another one from Brazil, this one, without a doubt, gets stuck in your head. I’ve had many a backpacker “singalong” where we all mumble along pretending to know the words.

9. Balada Boa – Gusttavo Lima

Yet another Brazilian song (evidently they have catchy music) that will have you humming “che che de re che” for days. For days.

10. La Gozadera – Gente de Zona Feat. MARC Anthony

The shimmy – my go-to move on the dance floor. Best done to the chorus of this song.

11. Travesuras – Nicky Jam

A final Reggaeton hit popular in “da club.” I don’t know who this Nicky Jam character is but apparently the South Americans love him. Can’t say I blame them.

A South American Playlist.


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