“Snorkeling con Lobos” in Puerto Madryn

While I had originally planned to head to Patagonia, see the penguins and leave, a scheduled cruise ship arrival convinced me otherwise. If I added just one extra day to my itinerary I could avoid the middle-aged boat people. Penguin serenity? I wanted it. But what to do with myself in the meantime? I headed into town to investigate.

Puerto Madryn has whales, panda dolphins, sea lions, screaming hairy armadillos (no joke), and vicuñas. Unfortunately each of these come with an accompanying hefty price tag so I really wasn’t that stoked on any of it…until they showed me the promo video.

To be honest I’ve never thought that much of sea lions…but in the video they were PUPPIES OF THE SEA. Playful, curious, and so goddamn adorable, I was sold. I had to be the smiling dude in the promo video. I just had to…

And so I was.

The whole experience was just great. I don’t know why this isn’t a thing in Canada. We have sea lions…we should defs jump in…because swimming with them is hands-down adorbs.

“Snorkeling con Lobos” in Puerto Madryn.


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  1. Shannon Wainwright October 16, 2016 — 3:32 pm

    Krista, middle aged boat people??? LOL, OK!

    Super cuties! Yes we do have sea lions and seals and they are delightful as well. Why do we not swim with them is a very excellent question.

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