Salty Times With Salty People: the Bolivian Salt Flats

The salt flats have been at the top of my South American to-do list ever since I saw photos of the crazy reflective surface on Pinterest (yes, Pinterest). Unfortunately for me, I spent too much time attempting to Samba in Brazil and missed Bolivia’s rainy season (aka the only time of year there’s the mirror effect) by a month.

But I wanted to go anyway. At 11,000 sq. km. Salar de Uyuni (that’s what they call it in these parts) is the biggest salt flat in the world and the typical 3 day jeep trip takes you past some crazy cool scenery, all worth checking out in its own right.

I had some bad luck with this trip (awkward jeep mates, snow, excessive fog, untimely case of the stomach flu…) but I look back on it fondly nonetheless. Yes, I spent 3 long days sick, jammed into a vehicle with strangers I wasn’t too fond of, but the views were amazing. Check out them photos.

Salty Times With Salty People: The Bolivian Salt Flats.


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