My name is Krista. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Excited at Songkran

(that’s my travel face)

I am a 20-something B. Comm grad on a quest to avoid the real world and the regular 9 to 5 life. I do want to settle eventually (kids, career, all that nonsense), but I figure I’ll save that for my thirties. Right now my life priority is travel.

Post-University I worked for a year to save money, then quit my desk job in favour of a one-way ticket to Asia. People kept asking me where I was going, when I’d be back, etc. etc. but I really didn’t have an answer. I was going where I felt like going when I felt like going for as long as I felt like going. It was great.

On my first trip I spent 6 months backpacking South East Asia with a plan to hit up Australia around month 9. Unfortunately there was this whole emergency evacuation incident that forced me home earlier than anticipated but, not to fret, after a year and a half back in Canada I’m ready to take on South America.

I was initially anti-blog because it felt a little lame and seemed like too much of an effort. However, 83 days into trip numero uno I decided that, hey, perhaps it would be easier to share my stories via blog rather than copy and pasting them to all my favourites. As it turns out, blogging is, like, a lot of fun. So here we are.