I Enjoyed Dalat Family Hostel

This isn’t really an “Adventutres in…wherever” post but I feel like the hostel we stayed at in Dalat deserves an Honourable Mention.

To start, let me say that Dalat is basically a cold day in Vancouver. It’s chilly and it rains a lot. This was a nice change from the usual 24/7 Asian sweat fest but at the same time I do not own a hoodie (or “jumper,” as the English population swarming backpacker hangouts in Vietnam like to call it) so the drive up the mountain was a cold one.

As per usual, we ended up driving through the mountains in the dark and the rain so we were wet and shivering when we arrived to Dalat Family Hostel (and we somehow managed to lose one of our English Stranger Friends, George. Have you seen George?).

Our arrival at the hostel took all of life’s suffering away. We had barely dismounted from our motorbikes when the little Vietnamese hostel ladies swarmed us with hugs and words of welcome, helping us remove our luggage and arranging a spot for Moo in the kitchen. They immediately sat us down at the dining room table and served us hot soup and tea, rubbing our shoulders to warm us up. This was exactly what we needed. I loved the place already.

The actual accommodation of Dalat Family Hostel was a bit…lackluster (you get a mattress on the floor of an attic shared with around 40 other backpackers and at one point I found a car part in my bed) but the staff completely made the place. Referred to as Crazy and Mama, the girls’ nicknames say it all. Their constant hugs, massages, words of positive reinforcement (“good morning beautiful!” “I’ve missed you!” “Love you!” etc. etc.), dancing, and smiles made staying there a pure delight.

They also organized nightly family dinners where 40+ tourists piled into the tiny hostel dining area for Mama’s all-you-can-eat feast. It was delish and a great way to get to know everyone.

We traded compliments, went clubbing, spooned, sang karaoke and had an all around fabulous time wih the staff in Dalat. If you’re ever in the area and don’t mind a forced slumber party with strangers, check it out. I enjoyed Dalat Family Hostel.


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