Songkran: The Most Fun You Will Ever Have

Songkran gets its own post because as my title states, it is the most fun you will ever have. Picture hundreds of drunk tourists, thousands of overly enthusiastic locals, a river’s worth of water running through the streets, your usual DJ beats, and the biggest water fight you can imagine (times this by 2. You aren’t thinking big enough)…occurring for 4 days straight.

Technically, Songkran is a celebration of the Thai New Year (Times Square needs to step it up) with more traditional water celebrations occurring throughout the country. This might not be entirely accurate, but from what I was told, way back when, some dude (a King perhaps? Prime Minister?) decided that since April is the hottest month of the year they would have a massive, city-wide water fight to cool down. Bangkok and other cities throughout the country also do the whole water fight thang, but Chiang Mai does it best (go Chiang Mai).

Being at the end of my 40 day drinking binge (er…I mean tour), I was in no shape to partake in the Songkran activities of excessive drinking and being soaked in dirty river water for days. However, I’d heard stories of the joy that Songkran brings and refused to miss out (I’ve always had a bad case of FOMO). 10am, Day 1, I downed some Advil, cracked a Red Bull and made a stiff drink. I would DO Songkran.

It was…amazing (yes, I know, I call everything amazing but I write this without a thesaurus in hand. Shoot me). I got trapped in a foam pit. Tyla and I joined a parade float. Kynidy fell out of a pickup truck. Karlee and I serenaded a McDonalds full of Thai people. Some guy peed on me (ew). Alex wore denim on denim (and they said I wouldn’t use my jean jacket…). We partied on a McDonalds patio. Karlee and Tyla twerked in a dance circle of a hundred people. Lady boys danced like O-Town’s Liquid Dreams music video. I drank 5 Thai Redbull in a single day. Someone dumped shit water into our pickup (rude). and it went on…

Too. Many. Memories.

I’m telling ya, if you ever get the chance, go do Songkran in Chiang Mai. The most fun you will ever have.


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